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When you think of Kearney County, do you think of the bells playing from the Courthouse? Going to something at the Opera House? Watching the Pageant on a crisp December night? The Kearney County Community Foundation has funds set up to support all of these things, and more... all designed to improve and benefit our way of life. If you've read our history under 'Who We Are', you know that our largest investment thus far has been the Minden Opera House building. We renovated and continue to own the Opera House building, striving to not only keep up with the costs of building maintenance, but also to keep making improvements to make it the premier gathering place of choice. We do this in addition to maintaining funds for other purposes you'll see on our giving page.

Thus, as a Community Foundation, we work much like a community savings account, providing a way to pool your gifts into funds for a purpose here in Kearney County.

Click on the video below to learn more about how community foundations like the Kearney County Community Foundation work.