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Who We Are

Mission & History

The mission of the Kearney County Community Foundation is to inspire and magnify the gifts we receive--- to create a better life for the community in which we live.

The Kearney County Community Foundation was founded in 1992. A local widower named Vane Nied wanted to leave his estate to Minden, which he envisioned being used for a multi-purpose community building. Looking to fulfill his wishes, the Foundation began the renovation of the Opera House building in 1996. Within the next four years, the Vane Nied funds, along with many other generous donations, allowed the Foundation to complete a $2.6 million renovation, and the Minden Opera House as we know it today, opened in May 2000.

The Foundation continues working to support Vane Nied's vision and to honor the many donations made to it, by owning and maintaining the Opera House building, putting over $200,000 into HVAC improvements, new carpet, concrete behind the building, just this past couple years. However, the Foundation has grown to serve the area in other ways as well.... with various funds established for scholarships, youth baseball, the Minden Pageant, Jensen Memorial Library, our Courthouse Carolonic Bells system, Minden beautification, Nathan Raun Children's Theatre, and more! 

So, we hope our story exemplifies our mission.... inspiring and magnifying the gifts we receive to create a better life in the community we serve... AND inspires you to consider a gift through our Foundation…. Whether through your beneficiary and estate plans as Vane Nied did…. Or by giving to one of our various funds today!